Esports Camp - Winter 2022

Gen.G partners with Team Flash to bring to you an Esports Masterclass

General Andreea “divushka” Esanu

Learn from the best!

Are you a youth who is very enthusiastic about esports? Do you want to experience lessons from the best esports professionals? Fret not, as Team Flash and Gen.G Global Academy have come together to deliver a customized curriculum in this exclusive 5-day course.

The Esports Camp - Winter 2022 will be hosted in Singapore between December 19th-23rd and will give the students a good insight in the gaming ecosystem, and all the various viable career opportunities. Those in attendance will learn more than just gaming as the Esports Camp will delve into the global esports industry.

For parents of youths who love games, this Esports Camp will teach your children leadership, teamwork, as well as uncover their hidden talents. The recommended age for attendees is 13 to 18 years old.

Esports Camp - Winter 2022 Schedule

DAY 1 - Welcome to esports

  • Orientation - Introductions, Team Division, and Onboarding
  • Game Time - Gaming vs Esports vs Sports
  • Lecture - History, Culture, and Ecosystem of Esports
  • Seminar & Activity - Careers and Opportunities
  • Guest Speaker - World of Pro Gaming

DAY 2 - Introspection, Roles & Career paths

  • Game Time - Introspection via Gaming
  • Guest Speaker - Key Roles in the Workforce
  • Game Time - Roles in Gaming
  • Activity - Implications of Roles in Gaming, Indications of roles in Real Life
  • Game Time - Role-focused esports approach

DAY 3 - Game Design & Development

  • Content creation
  • Activity - Approaching Game Design, what makes a game good?
  • Guest Speaker - Game Development
  • Tutorial - Coding & Game Development: Creating a Simple Game
  • Presentation - Showcasing your creations
  • Guest Speaker - Content Creation

DAY 4 - Business of esports & teamwork

  • Activity - Business of Esports
  • Guest Speaker - Business Strategy & Management
  • Seminar & Activity - Planning, Time Management & Teamwork
  • Activity - Business Considerations: Plan your own Business Project
  • Presentation - Present your business project ideas

DAY 5 - Direct application & Friendly tournament

  • Direct Application - Creating a business project
  • Professional Critique - Feedback from industry leaders on YOUR project
  • Friendly Tournament
  • Award Ceremony

Registrations are open for Esports Camp - Winter 2022 and can be done HERE. Inquiries and sign-ups can also be made via email to [email protected].

Find out more about Esports Camp - Winter 2022 more at teamflash.gg/camp


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