IESF World Esports Championships Team ID vs Team PH 2022

Team Indonesia wins the IESF World Esports Championships for MLBB

Mobile Legends Jarrad “Belandrial” Adams

Team Indonesia claims a stunning victory at the IESF World Esports Championships 2022, with a huge win over Team Philippines.

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Since December 3rd, teams have been fighting it out in the Playoff Stage of the IESF World Esports Championships 2022 for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang event. With eight nations in the event, and a plethora of well-known challengers – including a few heading through to the M4 World Championships in January, the event was a showcase of some of the world’s best talent. With the likes of Blacklist International representing the Philippines, TODAK representing Malaysia, S11 Gaming representing Argentina, and EVOS Esports flying the flag for the host country of Indonesia, there were some fireworks.

For teams such as TODAK, S11, and Blacklist (MY, Argentina, and PH), this was a chance to show off some fantastic talents before they went to the greater global stage. However, all three, and the rest too, were shown up by the host nation – a powerhouse in disguise, EVOS Esports. Although not able to qualify for M4, the young EVOS squad were able to conquer some of the best players in the world and eventually lift the trophy for themselves.

The biggest take away from this event though, save the brilliance of Team ID, is how they managed to dismantle Team PH (Blacklist), on two separate occasions, without the World Champions even having a small opening. The first of these saw ID take down PH in the quarterfinals of the upper bracket – before both teams cruised through their following series into the grand finals. However, ID proved to be better across the board, sweeping their opponents 3-0. Could this reveal a major flaw in the PH masters armour as we head towards M4 or is this just a masterful plan to hide strategies prior to the event – only time will tell.

For now, the celebrations go the way of ID, as they claim a small foothold in their quest to become the best region in MLBB once again. But, it is clear that every team heading to M4 will be looking at this performance to see just how to take down the holders of the crown in the same way that EVOS Esports have done to become the victors of the IESF World Esports Championships 2022.


Does this loss mean that Blacklist International are slipping?

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