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All 3 Apex Legends Global Series LAN tournaments will be held in London, England this year

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LAN-don is going to be off the charts.

After much rumours surrounding Year 3 of the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS), EA has officially announced that all three of their live events will be held in London, England. This includes the upcoming ALGS Split 1 Playoff, which is set to take place from February 2 - 5 at the Copper Box Arena.

Originally built for the 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Copper Box Arena has since played host to many esports tournaments and events, most recently the RLCS Spring Split Major that took place just a few months prior. This will be just the second time that the ALGS will be held outside of the US with Stockholm, Sweden being the first.

The Split 2 Playoff will take place from June 8 - 11 while the ALGS Championship will be held in the Summer of 2023. Tickets to the Split 1 Playoffs will be available later today at 4.00 pm GMT/8.00 am PT so you can catch all your favourite Apex Legends teams in action. Head on over to the ticketing site here.

There will be a prize pool of USD 1,000,000 up for grabs with the winner taking home USD 300,000 as well as 500 Playoff points that will go towards the team's run to the ALGS Championship. The ALGS Split 1 Playoff will feature the top 40 teams from around the world competing to see who will take home the title in ALGS' fifth LAN tournament.

ALGS Split 1 Playoff Format & Schedule

Here is what the schedule will look like from February 2 - 5:

Image credit: EA

The 40 teams will be separated into four groups of 10 to play in the group stage portion on November 2 and 3. Each group will have to play a single six-match series against one another for a total of 18 games played for every team. This is to determine who will be the top 20 teams heading into the upper bracket whilst the bottom 20 head to the first round of the lower bracket.

The bracket stage will be played out over a single day on November 4 with one six-game series being played in the upper bracket while the lower bracket will have to play two six-game series. The top 10 teams from the upper bracket will advance to the finals whilst the bottom 10 will head to the second round of the lower bracket. They will await the top 10 teams from the first round to determine who will clinch the final spots in the finals.

The final 20 teams that will be playing on February 5 will compete using the match point format. The 10 teams that advanced from the upper bracket will be seeded by their placement from the bracket stage and will start the finals with advanced starting points. There will be no match limit for the finals; instead, the first team to reach 50 points will be match-point eligible and if they were to win their next match, will be crowned champions.

ALGS Split 1 Playoff - Teams

Image credit: EA

Of the top 40 teams that will be participating in the Split 1 Playoff, it will include the reigning world champions and back-to-back LAN winners, DarkZero Esports. Here is what the groups will look like:

Group A

  • Aurora - EMEA
  • XSET (formerly Team Liquid) - NA
  • Moist Esports - APAC South
  • ENTER FORCE.36 - APAC North
  • LeaveNoWitness - SA
  • 100 Thieves - NA
  • VZN - EMEA
  • GameWard - EMEA

Group B

  • TSM - NA
  • NorCal Esports - SA
  • DEWA United Esports - APAC South
  • Fire Beavers - EMEA
  • Alliance - EMEA
  • Flora esports - APAC North
  • HEC - NA
  • Spacestation Gaming - NA
  • FC Destroy - APAC North

Group C

  • Fnatic - APAC North
  • Acend - EMEA
  • The Guard - NA
  • K1CK - SA
  • Boogie Boarders - APAC South
  • EXO Clan - APAC South
  • NRG - NA
  • Pioneers - EMEA
  • ganbare otousan - APAC North
  • GHS Professional - APAC North

Group D

  • Chicken Sandwich - APAC South
  • Team Singularity - SA
  • Vexed Gaming - EMEA
  • Crazy Raccoon - APAC North
  • Esports Arena - NA
  • Luminosity Gaming - NA
  • Invictus Gaming - EMEA
  • fun123 - APAC North
  • Element 6 - EMEA
  • DarkZero Esports - NA

Be sure to stay tuned for more updates regarding the Split 2 Playoff as well as the ALGS Championship taking place in the Summer of 2023. 


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