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M4 World Championships: ONIC clip Falcon's wings

Mobile Legends Jarrad “Belandrial” Adams

ONIC Esports showed their strengths today as they completely shutout Falcon Esports in the M4 World Championships Knockout Stage.

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Today would see the M4 World Championships kick off its Knockout Stage, with two upper bracket series between some of the favourite teams in the event. First up would be Falcon Esports taking on the homeground heroes, ONIC Esports. While Falcon had played an amazing Group Stage, showing off their fast pace and superb potential, today they seemed to have met their match, with ONIC showing exactly why they are the champions of MPL Indonesia.

Going into the series, both teams were able to remain on equal footing, getting kills back and forth for the early game period. However, once ONIC begun to pull ahead, with the likes of Kairi’s Hayabusa, Falcon was unable to really keep up – as they fell further and further behind. Eventually ONIC walked through and ended a 15-minute brawl. Although the next game did go on for a few minutes longer, it was much more one-sided, with Falcon just unable to find their footing in the midst of ONIC’s comfort picks.

Falcon finally found their footing in game three of the series, even after allowing their ID opponents to pick up Hayabusa, Wanwan, and even Grock. However, that exact line-up would come back to haunt them after only 13-minutes, when one fight would swing in the favour of ONIC. With a swift motion, ONIC clipped the wings of Falcon, dropping them into the lower bracket.

For ONIC, the win is a massive step up from their performance at M3 last year, where they exited the event in 9th-12th place. While there is still a long way to go, ONIC seem primed to go all the way, with every play on their squad performing admirably. For Falcon Esports, their M4 journey is also not over just yet, as they will fall into the lower bracket where they await their next challenger. The M4 World Championships continue today with ECHO and Team HAQ going head-to-head in the second upper bracket series of the day.


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