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M4 World Championships: S11 Gaming succumb to the power of Falcon Esports

Mobile Legends Jarrad “Belandrial” Adams

Another day filled with eliminations at the M4 World Championships would kick off with Falcon Esports taking on S11 Gaming Argentina.

Having started in the upper bracket, Falcon Esports unfortunately felt the sting of ONIC Esports on day one of the Knockout Stage, being dropped into the lower bracket. Since then, the team have been patiently awaiting their next challenger, which surprisingly came in the form of S11 Gaming Argentina, who managed to shock everyone as they cut down RSG Singapore in the first round of the lower bracket. Now these two teams would be looking to get themselves out of the best-of-three stage of the lower bracket.

Although they looked extremely strong when taking on RSG SG, S11 seemed to struggle to find their footing today when taking on a team such as Falcon. The pace at which the Myanmar squad enjoyed playing at had already stumped the likes of Blacklist International during the Group Stage, and unfortunately for the LATAM Super League Season 1 victors, they were unable to keep up. Right off the bat in Game one, S11 were on the back foot, as Falcon picked them off at every turn, with Naomi’s Kaja involved in nearly 90% of the 23 kills for his team.

Changing things up a little in Game two, S11 would give us the first Selena pick of M4, but it would not be the way to break the clean sweep curse of the lower bracket. Struggling to get on the board, S11 would sadly fall after only 11-minutes, and be the next team eliminated from the event, after showing some brilliance in the first round of the lower bracket.

image courtesy of Falcon Esports

With that, Falcon Esports will move on into the next round of lower bracket action, which will see the teams moving into a best-of-five format. The team now await their next challenger, which will be either Team HAQ or Incendio Supremacy.


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